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Homo Botanicus

25 February 2017 · admin

What a marvelous specimen we found! Alexandra Siering traced him down in a greenhouse.

Photography: Alexandra Siering

Gulliver's erotic travels

25 February 2017 · admin

Pia Raap takes us on an unusual intimate expedition on the human body. She links nude with miniature photography in a very humourous and sensual way.

Photography: Pia Raap

Femmes Fatales

25 February 2017 · admin

Whether submissive, baroque, corny or lascivious: You cannot quite place or label the photographs by Sabine Schönberger. One thing they have in common though: They are all incredibly sensual, charming and full of hidden quotes.

Photography: Sabine Schönberger

Bare Men

25 February 2017 · admin

In our first English language edition we show a series of „Bare Men“ by New York based photographer Abigail Ekue.

Photography: Abigail Ekue